17 February 2012

Sewing and sauce

We have a new car! It looks like this one - A Mazda 3. It is lovely to have a new car after 11 years!

I actually dusted off my sewing machine recently. I had a couple of dresses and some tops which are too low in the neckline and it was too hot to wear a cami underneath, so I cut up an old tshirt which had a nice braided neckline and sewed in a "modesty panel". It worked! I managed to fix three tops and two dresses.

I froze some parsley for use in the winter.

I made some tomato sauce (3kgs of tomatoes). It is so yummy! Recipe is from Sally Wise "A Year in a Bottle".

I always make my own bread in my Bread Machine. I have been reading about Sourdough Bread, which is made with natural yeast, and have started my own sourdough starter. The starter needs to grow by feeding it once a day on flour and water. The wild yeast then grows. It can be started with unsweetened pineapple juice or orange juice (I used orange juice) and water for the first two days and then fed with flour and water. Mine looks OK and has a slight smell of yeast, so I hope it works. It needs to be fed for a couple more days and then I can add flour, salt, water and a little olive oil, and make a loaf of bread. How exciting!


Me said...

YAY for a new car - wishing you many happy and safe travels.

Great idea with the modesty panels - I know exactly what you mean and how you feel about tops that always seem to be just that little bit too cut out.

I am always so envious when I see all the fresh produce and lovely home cooked things that you make - I hope you enjoy every single bite !!!

Love, hugs and positive energy !

jen said...

ohh enjoy the new car....and I love those modesty panels, how clever.

Julie said...

Will check out the tomato sauce recipe. My last effort did not turn out too well.
Love your new car too. Hopefully I will update this year too.

Chris H said...

Love new cars!
What a good idea with the dresses.