16 March 2012

Easy yoghurt

Sourdough Country Loaf

My Rye Sourdough Starter

My first yoghurt

My sourdough baking is going quite well. I had a couple of failure loaves (flat bricks)after I put my starter in the fridge and tried to make bread too soon after getting it out of the fridge. I realise now I must feed it for a couple of days before trying to use it.

I made some yummy yoghurt yesterday. Here is what I did:

Heated 4 cups of milk - to just boiling point

let the milk cool to baby bottle temperature.

Mixed two tablespoons of plain yummy natural Tasmanian Yoghurt (no added sweeteners or artificial ingredients)with a small amount of the warm milk and then stirred it back into the remaining warm milk.

Poured mixture into two warm sterilised jars which I had dried in the oven. Sealed the jars with lids.

Wrapped the two jars in two warm towels (I warmed the towels in the oven - which had been turned off) after I sterilised the jars.

Placed the wrapped jars in a supermarket cooler bag, zipped up the bag and placed it all in my microwave oven (which was turned off at the power point).

I left the jars for six hours. When I opened up the cooler bag the jars were still warm and the mixture had turned into beautiful creamy yoghurt! I refrigerated the yoghurt and the next morning it was absolutely delicious.

Next time I make it I can use my own yoghurt as a starter :-)


Me said...

I love reading all the (what I call) adventurous things you do in your kitchen and I think "one day I would like to try that".

Keep on finding new things for me to try !!

Have a great weekend !

Chris H said...

Wow I had no idea you could make your own yoghurt like that? We use a store bought culture.... ezy yo.