27 November 2012

Plodding along

Raspberrry Jam
Garlic Harvest
Cotton cardigans
Purple Onions
Life has been plodding along quite well. I can't believe it is almost December!! I have actually finished about half my Christmas present shopping, so I feel good about that.

I made some raspberry jam yesterday. We visited the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm a few weeks ago and I bought some frozen raspberries. Unfortunately they only sell 2kg bags, so I had to thaw it all out at once. Anyway, it made 9 jars of jam and 20 raspberry muffins. Next time I make raspberry jam I will strain the seeds out of the raspberries first. I love raspberry jam, but the seeds really annoy me.

Speaking of dentists!!! - I had a very bad toothache the last couple of weeks and, after trying to cure it with everything from sage and cloves, to my dear old Dad's remedy of whiskey, I finally succumbed and visited the dentist. Much to her disgust, I opted to have my tooth (which had developed an abscess) removed, rather than root canal treatment - been there, done that, and still lost another tooth before. She was a new to me Dentist. She was very capable, but very stern and blunt and quite oblivious to the fact that I held my breath for 45 minutes in the chair. After having a filling on one side and an extraction on the other, my completely numb face and I made our way out to the desk. After nodding and gagging my way through paying the account, I opted to phone for a follow up appointment at a later stage (basically because I had a completely numb tongue and couldn't talk!).
Anyway, it's all better now and I really must phone for that follow up appointment................

I have been knitting and gardening.

It is so nice to go out to the garden and pick some salad vegetables for a meal. So fresh and yummy! I harvested my garlic- I only planted nine cloves, but they grew beautifully. I must plant more next year.
I have tiny baby limes on my Tahitian Lime tree. It is growing in a pot on our deck. It is the only place sheltered from frosts in the winter. Last year it didn't even have a flower, but this year it has lots of tiny limes, so hopefully they grow.
I picked some purple onions too. I don't really like onions much, but the purple (red) variety are quite mild and lovely mixed with sliced tomatoes, a dash of sugar, salt, pepper and vinegar.

I have knitted two cotton cardigans. No real pattern, just top down raglan. I will post some notes about them on my knitting blog soon.

Baby lime
Hope all is well in your world. xx