19 February 2013

I play with food!

I get a lot of pleasure playing with fresh, homegrown/homemade, healthy food!
When I went to school I excelled in Maths, probably because my dear Dad was a Maths Teacher and absolutely loved it. Consequently, when I produced good grades at Maths I was put in an extended Maths class instead of "Home Arts", or the cooking, sewing, crafts class! I was the only girl in the class, along with about six boys. So, I didn't learn to cook or "home-make" until I was married (at 18) and needed to teach myself.
Last year I met up with some of my old girlfriends from school. They were talking about the fact that they have no interest in crafts, knitting, cooking, gardening etc. I didn't admit it, but I LOVE it!


jen said...

You are very talented.
I made fig jam for the first time on Sunday, surprised myself when it set !!

Me said...

I love all your fresh fruit and veg !!
Have the best day !

Julie's Journey said...

What a great bounty of fresh foods. I recently did the seed on paper towel trick and they are now stored in a paper bag waiting for next spring.

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